Moving: The final plan

Since I can't move in on Sunday, and no one is really avalible on Monday, thank you nekura_ca for offering. I've called a mover, as my dad offered to pay for one. If you still want to show up and help that's great. Beer and pizza can still be provided. They should be here around 4:30 on Monday.

Also I am in need of a Cat carrier for the day if anyone has one I can borrow. <eyes phantasm13>


I'm moving on the 31st. That would be this Monday. And needs help moving. Specificly I need 1 Driver, and at least 1 person who can help with the two man stuff (Couple of Dressers and a couch). No appliances, mostly boxes.

I don't have a lot of stuff. Just need some help moving. Pleas respond even if you can't help, just so I know you read this.

Also there is a chance I could move in Sunday, the 30th. If you would be able to help then please tell me.

Update: I forgot to mention food(Pizza) and drink will be provided.

I'm not sure if it a complement or not...

Started watching "White Collar", new show.

In the opening episode they (FBI) find that someone has forged the new security strips for the Canadian $100 bill. So they tell us. Which leads the the comments:

"How upset were the Canadians?"
"Ohhh, Very. *shrug* Well as upset as Canadians can get."

Ahh the classic ever polite Canadian stereotype.

Writer's Block: Sick day

When you get sick, do you prefer to go it alone or be doted upon by a friend, partner, or parent? Do you usually go to work or school or stay home?
I prefer to go it alone, except for food. I really like it when someone makes me lunch and/or supper. I will go to work unless I feel completely under the weather, ie one step short of throwing up.

Man even professionals are idiots

Watching "Destroyed in seconds" on Discovery, and some firefighters are burning down a building for training or something, missed the beginning of the clip. So they had spread some accelerants around the house, gasoline, kerosene, and diesel.

And then WAITED and let them soak into the wood. AND THE AIR.

When they go to start the fire by tossing a road flare into the house KA-BOOM.
less then a second and there is NO house left to speak of. No fire just a lovely fuel-air explosion.

You would think fire fighers would know something about mixing gas and air, or at least some one would have thought about that.

It did make for interesting TV though.

Edit: YouTube of it. The explosion occurs soon after 1:50